Evil Keanevil’s work is a dynamic and bold exploration of entropy  and deconstruction of reality. Pop culture icons, as well as original characters, are deconstructed to reveal their core components. This deconstruction is usually done by liquefying or melting the subject. Some questions and themes have risen through the melting matter, bubbling through the muck and surfacing in the brain of the artist. 

Which components can be stripped away from the subject, and by how much, before the subject is unrecognisable?

When the subject is being melted down, is it their perception of reality being manipulated, or the audiences? Or is it the artists reality that’s being manipulated?

When Evil takes something non human, like an emoticon, or cartoon character, and show a realistic human skull protruding from the melting mess, does that skull represent the human creator behind them?

Audiences project themselves onto famous characters, so maybe the faces are melting onto the skulls, instead of off them? To be worn like a mask. Or maybe it's always Evil himself represented in the skulls, so the characters being melted on to the skulls represent their stylistic influence and essence being absorbed into Evil’s work? Maybe Evil himself is a mask, and not an existing being.

A narrative is slowly forming, but it is driven by the work, not existing before the creation.

There're still plenty of themes hidden in Evil’s work, yet to be revealed. Which is why he needs to keep melting people and things, in search for them.

If you would like to get in touch you can email Evil at evilkeanevil@gmail.com

All images Copyright of Evil Keanevil 2018